Types of Inspection Services

Shop Surveys

The purpose of this service is to provide initial survey of suppliers or sub-suppliers to ensure that they are able to meet Client’s requirements in terms of technical capability and quality assurance/quality control. This is usually performed prior to placing a Purchase Order.

In-process Inspection

We can perform inspections during fabrication process in order to ensure that the Client’s requirements are fully met by the Supplier in design and manufacturing.

Monitoring of production of most responsible or complex equipment may be required during entire process by our resident inspectors

Witnessed and/or Performance Tests

Tests performed on complete equipment/products, are witnessed by JSHQS Inspectors according to contractual requirements, defined by Inspection and Test Plans (Quality Control Plans). Our presence will make you sure that the tested equipment fully complies with Client’s requirements and that the tests have been performed in an objective manner, with respect to applicable standards/codes/procedures and by use of appropriate testing methods and instruments.


JSHQS may act as an independent Second Party Inspector (on behalf of Contractor) or Third Party Inspector (on behalf of ultimate Client/Operator).


Typical assignment entails:


  • Participation in Pre-Inspection Meeting (PIM)
  • Witnessing of Hold Points (e.g. hydro tests)
  • Witnessing other tests as specified by ITP (QCP)
  • Supervision of Non-Destructive Testing
  • Participation in Final Acceptance Tests (FAT)
  • Review and verification of manufacturers’ quality dossiers (Manufacturer’s Records Book).

Pre-shipment Inspection

Inspection of quantity, labelling, packing and marking of various equipment and goods is performed at manufacturers’ premises, storage yards and shippers.


The purpose of this inspection is to ensure that:


  • individual parts and components of equipment are properly labelled to ensure trouble free assembly on construction site
  • packing is in conformance with requirements for transportation and storing in places of destination
  • shipping marks are applied in pursuance of contractual requirements
  • shipment is complete against specification/packing list.

Supervision of Loading

This inspection is usually applicable to materials/equipment being transported by ocean vessels and factors such as size, weight or fragility which may cause problems during their loading and stowage.


JSHQS offers full range of engineering expediting services applicable to plant equipment both in Poland and world-wide.


Expediting is aimed on removing constraints to timely delivery relative to contractual delivery requirements. Clients are informed of possible delays and expediting actions are taken for resolution.


Expediting may be applied to the following stages of a project:


  • Engineering , Drawing Documentation and their Approval
  • Sub-Orders
  • Fabrication and Assembly
  • Rework
  • Material Deficit
  • Failure of Test or Inspection
  • Transport and Packing


Consultancy for quality related matters with regard to storing, handling and transportation of cargo, material and product testing and industrial technology.