Scope of services

Our services are applicable to various equipment and materials such as:

Mechanical equipment

Steel constructions, boilers, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, storage tanks, tubular products, valves, offshore equipment, rotating equipment (turbines, engines, pumps, compressors etc.)

Electrical equipment

Motors, generators, transformers, switchgears, circuit breakers, disconnecting switches, power capacitors and reactors, instrumentation, overhead and underground power and control cables, HVAC, control panels, distributed control systems (DCS), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA), hardware in the loop simulation (HIL) etc.

Miscellaneous industrial products

Various steel mill products, automobiles and building machines, railway products and rolling stock, electrical and electronic appliances, spare parts etc.

Our clients are interested in inspection and expediting of equipment which has been purchased globally and is to be delivered directly from suppliers to construction site in a timely manner. We provide them with such services through our international inspectors’ network.